Reasons why pets are good for children

Rocio Preciado/Rex Features / AP

Pets can act as a friend and confidante

Children call pets their best friends because they are loyal and non-judgemental.They open up more quickly to them ,sharing their worries and secrets because pets always lend a ear and a shoulder to cry on while the simple act of cuddling can provide a reassuring and soothing effect.

Learn responsibility

Taking care of a pet teaches children responsibility and time-management.Looking after another living being teaches them empathy and importance of routine.According to the guidelines provided by American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry depending on the age of the child and the individual pet ,children can be assigned tasks like feeding,grooming or walking the dog.

Encourage activity

Pets can be excellent playmates ,urging the children to cut their screen time and get moving outside.Playing safe games with pets or walking the dog can be excellent exercises.

Elevates confidence

Reading to a pet revs up a child’s reading skills and also boosts his confidence.For children who are shy and face difficulty talking in front of people,this can be a good practice session.

Teach important life lessons

The earliest memories of birth and death for a child is may be of a pet.These experiences teach them the circle of life and how to cope with loss and grief.Caring for a pet in its sickness teaches children how care should be taken of all living beings.



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